Homemade Ricotta

One day I woke up and decided we needed to make homemade Ricotta. If you ask my partner, he would say this is entirely normal for me to wake up and decide I need to do something random. Either way was inspiring for me, exhausting for my partner because 8/10 times, its something harder than making Ricotta and would require his help.
So I did my research and found a recipe that suited me and gathered the ingredients.

I gathered the kids to the kitchen because it did seem like making Ricotta would be exciting and somewhat part of science and life skills.

Now while I did find a recipe, I’m not entirely one to follow a recipe but instead using texture, sight, and smell to create my masterpieces.

What we used to make a beautiful creamy Ricotta;

3 Litres of Pasteurised whole milk
120ml Freshly lemon juice (approximately)
1 tablespoon of salt (approximately)

You will also need ;
A large saucepan with lid
Wooden spoon or silicone spatula
Ricotta Basket or cheesecloth ( muslin cloth works as well) even a nut milk bag would work.

What you will need.
  Optional: a thermometer is recommended to by some, but we didn't use one.

How to make it:

Pour the milk into a saucepan, add salt, let in heat up until there is foam on top, we used the spatula test ( when you dip the spatula or spoon in and pull it out, and it should be covered with the foam.)
Now its time to add the lemon juice and watch the magic happen.
It should start to curdle, which is cool and exciting for the kids.
Turn off and remove from the heat and pop the lid on and leave until its cooled down.
Next, pour into the ricotta basket or whatever you are using, we caught the leftover whey to use in the garden and you can give to the chooks and dogs.
Pat down and let it sit and drain until most of the liquid is gone.

Now pop it into the fridge to set for a couple of hours, after its set transfer it to a container to store in the refrigerator, it will save for about a week if it lasts the long our’s did not.
And there you go homemade Ricotta we hope you enjoy, side note we made three times more Ricotta than we could have brought for the price and knew everything that when into it.

We made Ricotta and Blueberry Pancakes, No – Pasta Veggie Lasagne and a Veg and Ricotta Frittata.

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