Meal Prep Eco Style

Meal prepping is all the rage at the moment, what may seem like a fad is a really smart idea. If you haven’t tried it or considered it maybe today you should.

Meal prep may take a little time and organizing but also saves you time and money. And if you’re on or starting a new nutrition plan meal prepping can help you stay on track and encourage to stick to your nutrient plan. By not having to think or make your weeks’ worth of meals you can spend more time on yourself, more exercising,


Just in case you are new to meal prep or have never heard of it, let’s simple explain what meal prepping is!

Meal preparation is simply preparing some or all of your weeks, month’s etc. meal ahead of time. From chopping up fresh fruit and veggies for your weekly snacks, or for smoothie/juicing prepping which is one of my favourite preps. To completely making you weeks full of meals and popping those in the fridge ready to grab and go or cooking up a freezer full of your month’s meals for the family.

Meal prep is a healthy and great way to save and money and time.


Now to make meal prep easier you can buy meal prep containers, they are everywhere. Containers help with portion control and keeping food fresher for longer with separation containers. Nothing worse than your lettuce becoming soggy because the marinade from your protein has spilled all over it.

When looking for meal prep container the first ones that pop are normally plastic, yes there are BPA free but for myself and my family plastic just won’t do.


So I decided to go and search for an alternative to plastic for meal prep and thankfully there is.

I love glass containers, I use them as much as I can, and I was excited when I found meal prep glass containers with compartments. Instead of packing lots of little containers with my veggie sticks and dried nuts and salad in them, I could have one lunch box sized container with my lunch in it. YAY

My recommendation is the ones with the clip lock lids as I find they keep food fresher for longer, so that’s my number 1 choice.

The glass is not the only option for meal prep, stainless steel are great as well they are hardy and durable but they do come with a higher price tag. Now the downside to glass is if you do drop it there is a good chance it might break, where stainless steel won’t break but may dent. My kids have had stainless steel lunch boxes for years and they are well worth the investment. Stainless steel now has a lot of option, from larger lunch boxes to medium, one, two, three, four and five compartments to little ones perfect for a dressing or dip that fit inside your lunchbox. Stainless steel is very versatile and I do love using them.


I have also found some wooden containers some with compartments which could be used for meal prep, I haven’t used them personally they look beautiful but I wonder for meal prep how fresh would it keep.


Meal prep doesn’t just have to be in a square or rectangle container, Mason Jars are great for a salad and overnight oats there are heaps of uses for mason jars. But my new favourite toy using mason jars is Tribest Blender. It has become my favourite personal blender, and you are able to use mason jars to make your smoothies in. Mornings have become easy and awesome with our Tribest, everyone has their own jars and make their own personalized smoothies pop the lid on and on own way we go and its plastic free.

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The Tribest does come with a couple of mason jars and some BPA free cups and lids making it one of the healthiest personal blenders on the market. Another bonus with the Tribest it comes with a grinder blade with small glass jars that attach to make pesto or grind seeds or coffee, grind and store in the same container is perfection. It is an only 200watt machine which does require hard veggie to be chopped up small, I do the smoothie prep at the start of the week and put everything in a large glass container to make it easier.

Meal prepping doesn’t have to be a disposable container and BPA filled plastic, it can be healthy, and environmentally friendly and I highly recommend investing in eco-style containers you’ll never go back to plastic once you have.

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