Making a living, Making a healthy life, Making balance

In today’s life, things seem to be getting busier and busier, our weeks, months and years seem to be flying by. Feeling like your days are shorter and your spending less and less time with your friends and family, downtime is important. The time we take to be with our friends and family is extremely beneficial for our health. Quality time is especially important, allowing ourselves to take the time creates a sense of wellbeing and balance which can make for a happy and peaceful life, but our careers, jobs, and life get in the way. We need to create balance, we need to be happy and healthy for our family, our children we need more time to live.

I always wanted to be home with my children as they grow up so I didn’t miss out on the important precious moments, like first words, steps and first days of school. But sometimes it is just not possible reality sets in and bills are due, people need to be feed, so can we have it all, can we be home for our children and create a living? Create travel the world and be able to pay for it? Can we pay off the debt? Can we buy that house we want to?

Well for me I needed to do something that I was ethically comfortable with, I believe in a healthy life, helping to keep our planet healthy and helping others, So what is out there? I thought I would explore the online/work from home avenue.


In life it is always a good idea to find something that you love and enjoy, it will help balance your life.
So there are many ways to create a living and create a balanced living.
Remember doing something that you love, makes working easy and enjoyable.


Top of the list is Blogging

– Blogging

The blogging world is huge at the moment but there is still a market. I think if you are true to yourself and blog about things that you believe in. There are a lot more options for bloggers with social media helping as advertising and marketing, a lot of bloggers just stick to using Facebook or Instagram as their main platforms as opposed to a website. Pinterest is a very popular bloggers tool because of its abilities to search wider audiences and people searching for particular keywords. Its all about the words.

Bloggers can make money if varies ways, selling a product eg. Ebook, course, information, Affiliates, physical products, ad space etc. The main goal is to get traffic to your blog in order to sell something or make money, and that’s where the advertising/marketing comes in to play. So if you like to write or have DIY ideas, recipes, advice, reviews or just your opinion that you would like to share then maybe blogging is for you.

I recommend doing some research first, get some ideas of what you would like to blog about.
Have a look at similar bloggers, check out some successful bloggers and their stories.
Then next you will need hosting and a domain name, this is easy. Hosting sites are everywhere.

I recommended Green Geeks because they have an Environmentally Responsible Platform which means your website will be carbon reducing so you can feel good about having an Eco-friendly blog/website. There any many “ green hosting’s” out there, I recommend Green Geeks because currently they have a cheaper rate than the rest and is in a similar price range as some of the cheaper hosting sites but comes with the Green Tick.


Essential Oils

I feel like essential oils are the new superfood they are everywhere, but they have been around forever.  I swear by essential oils, I’ve used them since I was a child, my children use and love them. There are many benefits of essential oils.

Now they are a lot of companies out the trying to sell their oils are some are good and some are great.
DoTerra is a great company with a lot of incentives. They make fantastic oils, they have awesome blends that I use on a daily basis. However, they are a multi-level marketing company which I would not normally endorse unless I know they have quality products to offer which doTerra does.

DoTerra offers the abilities to just sell their oils and make a profit from a retail mark up or get involved in their doTerra Business.
Benefits of joining doTerra are you get wholesale prices which is always a bonus, they also offer oil packages which is saving you dollars as well, you can get all this without doing the doTerra Business. Also if you accumulate so many points a month by purchasing products you can receive free oils and gifts which is an added bonus.
Now as far as the doTerra Business goes I’m not knocking it, I know many people that are making a good income as a side hustle or even have replaced it as their full income.

The average earning are usually around the $2000 per month, but if you are a high achiever there is the opportunity be earning $4,000 – $ 16,000 per month, while the highest earners of the company pull in a sweet $40,000 – $100,000 per month. That would be requiring a lot of hard work and time but is always possible.
I give doTerra thumbs up, for their quality oils and products and if you would like to know more and have a look at doTerra oils click on DoTerra.




Online store or e-commerce

Starting an online store used to be impossible for most people unless you were a tech-savvy web developer, but now it is as easy.

With sites like Shopify, an online store can be set up within a couple of hours, with the options to sell your own products, sell purchased inventory or drop shipping you can have your own little shop online.

Just to keep it real, setting up an online store and expecting to make money and get customers just like that, is an unreal realization. You will need to drive customers/traffic to your store by advertising and marketing, otherwise, your store will be lost deep in the world of the internet. So as with blogging, advertising and marketing through Social Media and SEO ( Search Engine Optimization, basically the words you use and how search engines find them.)

I recommended choosing something you are passionate about to sell on your store,  unless your passionate and believe in what you are selling you are not going to have excitement and ambitious to be successful. Remember doing something that you love, makes working easy and enjoyable and will help achieve balance.

Setting up a online store with Shopify – Shopify offers a 14 day free trial, but after that it will cost $29.00 USD per month, this is the basic cost’s but there are more which you can explore at your set up your store, bottom line $29.00p/m will get your store up and running.

There many very successful online stores pulling in a very high return, sites like that have online stores for sale, you could have a look at some revenue stats and if you didn’t want to do the work of setting up your store you could just purchase one. Shopify also have a website for sale page
So choose what you would like to sell, pick a store name and you are ready to go, be sure to do your research before you make any commitments. Always read the T&C.

Selling on Etsy

If you have a creative flair or a knack for hunting down vintage treasurers than Esty might be the spot for you. Etsy is an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items Esty is popular because it is a unique place where sellers and buyers are all looking for that one off or personal items. You can have a personalized invitation, stamps, necklaces, handmade furniture, paintings, clothing and the list goes on.
Esty has become popular over the years with the DIY and reuse, reduce and recycle movement. If you’re passionate about your creativity and feel you can turn into a little business than Esty is the place to share and sell. Unlike eBay, craigslist and gumtree Esty has a wholesome feel, with genuine and dedicated sellers, therefore, has a huge following and customer base.
As always do your research and make sure you are aware of the T&C’s.

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